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The cheeky Irish bookmaker Paddy Power was our first ever client, and they needed to stand out in a fiercely competitive market. So our challenge was to deliver culturally relevant, punchy marketing that would generate a lot of noise.

Paddy Power defines its mission as “making mischief”. They get up out of bed every day, to try and disrupt the status quo. So, we had a lot of fun over the years delivering provocative brand and specific event campaigns, causing outrage by ‘shaving’ the rainforest, tackling homophobia in football, and taking the Mickey out of football bosses and politicians. Here’s a selection of our favourites.


For many years, homophobia had been a taboo topic for British football. Of 5,000 professional players, not one would speak out, let alone come out. Together with Stonewall, Paddy Power set out to change all that – on a shoestring.


With the World Cup coming to Brazil, we saw the chance to create some mischief – and do some good at the same time. In doing so, we created the most talked-about idea of the 2014 World Cup, without leaving England. C’mon!


To celebrate the ridiculous optimism of the sporting world, we gave a voice to (and poked fun at) the unsung heroes of sport. And what better way to get across their unbridled optimism than through the medium of song?!


When it comes to taking the piss out of over-sensitive football managers, Paddy Power are the bosses. Jose Mourinho, Brendan Rodgers and David Moyes all got the treatment.


What is a major footballing tournament if not an excuse for a bit of world-class piss-taking between nations? Our launch spot for Paddy Power’s Euro 2016 campaign showed that even Scotland fans will have something to cheer about the tournament. But we didn’t spend all the budget on The Krankies, we had a lot of fun all throughout the tournament, particularly outside the Russian Embassy…


Politics is a serious business but the mischief makers at Paddy Power are no respecters of authority.


At its best, Paddy Power has a generous spirit – even if its efforts to spread the love have sometimes been a bit cack-handed. Here is our deeply misguided efforts to promote their speedy app.