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Budweiser has sponsored the FIFA World Cup since 1986. In 2018 they gave fans something to cheer about: a noise-activated Budweiser Red Light Cup. Our brief was to bring this to life around the world, and to celebrate the euphoric energy of the tournament. And our activations helped Budweiser become the most talked about brand of the tournament.


So we gave the world’s biggest super fans a chance to get to Russia. But there was a twist. In order to get on the plane, they had to watch their team play a World Cup game with a Budweiser noise-activated Red Light Cup in front of them – without it lighting up once.


We created noise-activated vending machines that looked like a huge version of the noise-activated Budweiser Red Light Cup.The machines rewarded fans with a Bud if they were willing to ‘Cheer for Beer’ to prove their passion. We put fans to the test in London, Rio and Seoul by placing the vending machines in places that are usually quiet. There was an extra surprise for fans with the most heart…