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In 2017, Amazon asked us to develop their first-ever global Holidays campaign.

To tackle this brief, we hit upon a simple and universal insight: Amazon doesn’t just deliver cardboard packages, it puts smiles on people’s faces, all over the world.

We made Amazon’s iconic packages and one of their most iconic assets – their logo – the hero of the campaign. We animated the logo (which had previously been portrayed as an arrow from A-Z) so that it became a human smile. Then to dial up the emotions still further, we got our smiles singing popular feel good tracks.

We wanted ensure that the smile was on every doorstep, so we convinced Amazon to put them on every box. And the Amazon app logo was redesigned and relaunched as a smile.

The results certainly made us smile – in terms of sales, this campaign was Amazon’s most effective ever. It was the US’s 2nd Most Loved Holiday ad, and Kantar UK stated that it was the most impactful Christmas campaign of 2017. But, best of all, this success meant our singing boxes campaign continued to bring smiles the world (and break sales records) for three years.